Legend Guardians

Ingame Shop

For Blockchain Users

After earning rewards, users can swap to other tokens to increase their income.
Besides, they can choose to reinvest by using it to buy:
  • Gold
  • Arena Ticket
  • Stamina
  • Hero
In the Shop ingame. Their tokens in Blockchain will be converted to ingame coins, which are used to buy things in the Shop Ingame.

For Non-Blockchain Users

Users need to convert from Fiat money to Ingame coins by using our payment methods (updated soon).
Then, Ingame coins will be used to buy:
  • Hero
  • Item
  • Gold
  • Ticket
All of these are sold from the ROFI Multiverse team and 20% of the profit of the revenue from Fiat money of each game will be used to buy back the token of that game.
Note: For Non-blockchain users, they can only buy Ingame Items, not selling them to other users.