Legend Guardians

Game Plot

Once upon a time, when the world was still in darkness, a strange stone appeared. Its brilliant light illuminated the whole world and created the stars, since then all things are born and thrive. Then, humans appeared and that land was called the Holy World. Legend had it that the world-creation stone existed somewhere unknown, it was called the Soul Stone.
Although the world was filled with light and people, deep down inside still existed the forces of darkness. Those who went against evolution were the nightmare witches. These witches cooperated with the ghosts to bring the world back to the dark age (hollow age). To do so, what they needed to do was find and destroy the Soul stone – turning off the light of the sky.
After decades of failure, there came a witch with natural talent and tremendous power named Tensi. She succeeded in finding the stone after taking over the world with the “nightmare” potion. Along with her six minions, Tensi ruled the world and prepared a final ritual to destroy the stone.
Finally, the day when Tensi could break the Soul Stone had come. Unexpectedly, the Stone was not destroyed but broke into many small pieces that were scattered around the world. Your mission is to collect all the shards to be able to restore the Soul stone.