Legend Guardians

Star Level Upgrade

Heroes get free (Non-NFT)

The Hero that you get after logging in has a starting star level of 1-star and can be upgraded in the game.
  • Players must raise the Hero's level to 30.
  • The player requires some materials, such as Gold. When the player performs the upgrade, this material will be displayed in the game.
  • The Hero that receives free can only be upgraded to a maximum of 2-stars.
  • After upgrading, the hero can still only be used in the game and cannot be sold on the Marketplace.

NFT Heroes

NFT Heroes are Heroes purchased from the Marketplace or Heroes transferred from HeroFi.
  • Players have a level 30 Hero with a star level from 1 to 5.
  • Players have a Hero of the same star level with the Hero that needs upgrading (Level and Kind of Heroes don't need to match)
  • The Hero being upgraded will consume the other.
  • Sufficient $LGFI required. This differs for different star levels.
After a Hero successfully upgrades, the secondary Hero will be consumed.
Once a Hero is consumed, the previously equipped items will return to the inventory.
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