Legend Guardian is an ARPG game combined with team strategy gameplay, integrated with blockchain technology. By using the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to acquire the heroes and items as well as other Play-2-Earn features, players will be able to make a steady income while enjoying many entertaining aspects of the game.
The game is developed using the Unity engine utilizing high-end graphics. With a combination of ARPG and strategic gameplay, Legend Guardian really stands out from the rest. The massively diverse character system, many new and exciting features of Legend Guardian would definitely turn you into a big fan.
In Legend Guardian, players will collect and upgrade heroes, equipping them with epic items to overcome challenges. Each hero has unique abilities, traits, and personalities. Players need to smartly use heroes to win PVE, PVP battles and earn valuable rewards.
Players can earn money by:
  • Participate in in-game activities.
  • Compete in PVP battles for leaderboard prizes.
  • Collect and upgrade rare items then sell them to other players.
Legend Guardian’s mission is to bring blockchain technology closer to more people, showing the world the benefits of blockchain technology. We believe that Legend Guardian would help people acknowledge the benefits of blockchain technology while having fun playing Legend Guardian.
Legend Guardian will be compatible with both PC and Mobile Devices to bring the best experience to players.
Last modified 1yr ago