$LGFI is used as the reward token in Legend Guardians.
  • The total supply:
  • Spec: BEP-20
  • Contract address:0xFfc78290f2ce29e7b3544F7FEef3426d32C9A946


  • Daily Quest: The amount of $LGFI received by the player through Adventure Mode is determined by their ability to complete the stages. The more stages you complete, the more $LGFI you earn.
  • Arena Battle: The amount of $LGFI received by a player is determined by the season's rank. Each Arena season usually lasts three days.
Minting via $LGFI Buying Volume Surplus:
Number of minting tokens = (Token Buy Volume - Token Sell Volume) x K% (K is adjusted according to the actual situation)


With $LGFI, players can:
  • Buy gold to upgrade the level of their Heroes
  • Buy Arena tickets to join Arena
  • Buy Lucky Wheel tickets
  • Open NFT boxes
  • Used the material needed to upgrade Hero's star


The player can claim LGFI Token from in-game gLGFI earned.
Claim conditions:
  • Users must have at least one NFT Hero in Legend Guardians or complete another condition in-game to withdraw up to 150,000 $LGFI or a minimum of 10,000 $LGFI.
  • The reward will be received 7 days after.
  • Only be one pending request at a time.
  • If the user meets a certain condition, the 7-day waiting period can be gradually reduced (details will be announced as soon as possible).